• Ecotourism Tour

Ecotourism Tour

Mauritius features a unique fauna and flora; many of its plants and animals exist only there and nowhere else in this world.
Nowadays Mauritius is positioning itself as an eco-tourism destination with many attractions and activities, we make you discover the most amazing green spots of the island.
The day starts at 08.30 a.m. and ends at 04.00 p.m.
From Ile aux Aigrettes to Ebony Forest, you will discover a large variety of endemic plant and animal species and learn more about the history of the island.  The Ecotourism Tour is perfect for nature lovers as visitors will experience the breathtaking panorama, craggy mountains, and beautiful fauna and flora of Mauritius. Enjoy a delicious lunch at Le Takamaka Restaurant and look out for attractive tropical plants and birds while hiking at the Ebony Forest.

The tour consists of:
  • Visit to the island of Ile aux Aigrettes
  • Lunch at Le Takamaka Restaurant, Ebony Forest(Optional)
  • Explore the Ebony Forest


Check out below highlights;

Travel back in time to discover what Mauritius would have look like over 400years ago, before the arrival of man and his devastating impact on the environment. Ile aux Aigrettes is a tiny coral island (25 hectares) just off the coast of the town of Mahebourg. The island has been declared a nature conservation site and today is being preserved by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation.
As part of this tour you will discover Ile aux Aigrettes and enjoy original Mauritian nature with an expert guide alongside leading the way. You will discover plants and animals, unique to Mauritius and found nowhere else in the world. Some of them have come close to extinction like the pink pigeon, a bird that was in danger of extinction for many years.You will also visit the indigenous plant nursery. There you should look out for the rare pink pigeon, the Mauritius Kestrel, endangered skinks and of course, the giant tortoises.
Adults Menu 
Main Dish:
  • Salad Bois d'Olive
              Black olives, cucumber, feta, pineapple, onion, peanuts and tomatoes on a bed of lettuce and
              topped with a sprinkling of raisins Or
  • Salad Ebony
              Chicken, bread fruit, green beans, green olives, tomato and onion Or
  • Pizza Margherita (large)
              Tomato sauce and mozzarella Or
  • Pizza Latanier (large)
              Chicken, onion, black olives, baby corn, tomato sauce and mozzarella
  • Banana tart Or
  • Ice-cream / sorbet (3 scoops)
Drink: Virgin cocktail

Kids Menu
Main dish:
  • Pizza Margherita
    Tomato sauce and mozzarella Or
  • Pizza Reinette
    Seasonal vegetables, tomato sauce and mozzarella Or
  • Pizza Latanier
    Chicken, onion, black olives, baby corn, tomato sauce and mozzarella
Dessert: Ice-cream / sorbet (1 scoop)/  Drinks: Fruit juice
  • Included full transportation to the sight, including pick up and drop off from any hotel / place of accommodation anywhere in Mauritius.
  • The Prices are per vehicle referring to the number of passengers applicable for each vehicle type.
  • Kindly write in comments pick up and drop off details.


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