• Rodrigues Island-Diving Couzoupa

Rodrigues Island-Diving Couzoupa

If you are a nature lover and passionate of the deep sea this activity will suit you. Diving Couzoupa, trolling party and barbecue at Hermitage Island tailor-made excursion a full day that starts in the morning around 08:30. From Mourouk, we offer you a small boat ride lasting about twenty minutes to Couzoupa, a favorite place for
Your adventure begins here, an opportunity for you to dive into a natural aquarium that forms part of the  protected marine area of Port Sud Est (Couzoupa). 

The lagoon of the south is indeed a real muse of the patrimony of Rodrigues which abounds with rare species: the magnificent corals which shelter several small marine creatures, the giant clams or the acropora. In osmosis  with the inhabitants of the places you forget the small worries of the daily newspaper You will attend first row in the parade of the « Carangues » and other multicolored fish like the trumpet fish. Then we will leave this magical place and we’ll set sail to Hermitage Island. There, you will have the opportunity  to climb the highest peak of the island to admire the colorful landscape of the southern lagoon of the island.


Check out below highlights;

-Boat Ride
-Snorkeling equipment
-Hermitage Island
-BBQ Menu Lunch
-Operating hour: 08:30
-Operating day : Subject to availability
-Minimum of person: 2 Pax
-Duration: 8hr
-Location: Rodrigues
-Chicken sausages and local pork sausages.
-Fish accompanied by local lemon
-Dessert: coconut cakes, water melon and pineapple
-Drink: a small punch of rum, honey and Sprite a fresh beer, water, soft drink and wine
For the snorkelling activity, all participants must know how to swim.

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